Toy Review by Sophie

Sophie loves Barbie so much since she was very little. She has lots of Barbie dolls here at home. Mostly, they’re already broken. Some don’t have legs, heads, and arms any longer. She wasn’t able to keep them properly when she was little. Now when she’s growing up, she realized how much she loves her Barbie dolls. She’s still playing with them although some are already broken. I can see in her eyes how she really enjoys these dolls.

One day, she asked me she wanted to have a new Barbie doll and wanted to do a review over YouTube. I said “wow, that’s incredible”. I always support the things she loves to do. I thought “that’s a great idea that she starts to do what she loves to do at a young age”. I told her “okay, since you have your savings (which she got from her Lolo, Lola, and Tita), let’s choose some when we go to the mall”. I let her choose one and she picked Barbie Day to Night Style Doll from Toy Kingdom. It was a good pick.

I told her to let me know once done with her video so I can go take a look at it. So far, as a first timer, she impressed me with her video. Here it is.

I hope you like it too. You may subscribe to her channel by clicking subscribe. 🙂



Author: Maye

Hi, I'm Maye from Cebu, Philippines. These are purely my thoughts about life, fashion, insights, etc.

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