My First Uber Ride

It was a Sunday when I was catching up over lunch with my family after work. You might ask, working on a Sunday? Yea, I do. I have a strange work schedule, and it’s better not to talk about that yet here. It was already 1pm, and I was in a big hurry since lunch started at 12:30pm.

It was a very important lunch since it was a blessing on something that me and my hubby got recently.  The reality is that sometimes, when you’re in dire need of something, it doesn’t show up right under your nose. Do you agree?

I thought of taking a cab since it would be the fastest way of getting to my destination. I was in IT Park, at eBlock Tower. Who would expect that on a Sunday, cabs would seldom show up in one of the busiest parts of the city. I waited 5 minutes, but not one cab appeared. I gave it another 5 minutes, but there was really none. I thought I couldn’t wait this long. I have very little patience, you know.

Then, I realized I have Uber and Grab apps. I tried to book with Grab, but it was expensive. Just from IT Park to F. Cabahug St, the total fare was over P200 since I didn’t have a promo code.  I said Naa, I can’t take this. I tried Uber instead. The app showed that my total fare was just P106. It was still expensive than taking a cab, but cheaper than Grab, so I booked it.  Below shows the distance from where I was at, to my destination.


On the app, I saw that an Uber driver took my booking request. The car was a Ford Everest. I said to myself “wow this is my dream car! I didn’t expect that I can take a ride on a Ford Everest through Uber”.  While waiting, I was already imagining that it was the latest model, the Titanium one with glass roof.  I was really excited. I couldn’t wait for the driver to pick me up. He was in Ayala area, which was not so far. I thought it would just take him around 10 minutes. It was a Sunday anyway, and there was no traffic.

I don’t know what happened, but I noticed on the app that he was stuck for around 5-10 minutes in making a turn from Ayala going to IT Park. I know that sometimes, circumstance happens. I told myself to be more patient. This time, I was already seeing taxi cabs passing by. I thought of cancelling my booking, but I didn’t since the driver already was on his way to pick me up.

I gave him a chance. I thought this is my dream car and I would like to take this opportunity to experience this awaited moment. I saw him moving very slowly. It was already 20 minutes, and he was still entering IT Park. I thought this will just take him 5 more minutes, but it didn’t. On the app, I saw him stop by at eBlock 1, which was a little farther from where I was at.  I wondered “what is he doing there? ”  He was stuck in there for almost 10 minutes. I received no text from him. I thought that drivers do notify their customers about the cause of their delay, but nada.

I decided to text him instead, and he replied right away. Well, I thought “this is great that you replied right away, but you should have texted me first”.  He replied “already here waiting”.  I’m like “what?”  I replied “please move forward. I’m here at eBlock Tower 1”. So he moved forward, and whoa he was now right in front of me.

At first, I was hesitant to get in and was checking if it was the right car since I was expecting a different Ford Everest. When I rechecked the app for the plate number, it was indeed the correct one. My expectations wasn’t satisfied. It’s really better not to expect too high, huh. I got in the car. The driver was a Chinese looking guy. He looked decent. I got comfortable right away when I looked at him. He said sorry right away for all of the delay.  I was nice to him and told him “that’s okay, sir”.  My excitement diminished. The car was not so new, probably a 2010-ish model. It smelled older, and there was a 5 gallon water container with half-full water in it at the rear seat making a noise while we were moving.

It was strange. It was like the driver wasn’t really ready to take passengers, I thought. When we were out of IT Park, he said “sorry ma’am. I don’t know much about the streets here. I’m just a part-time driver. Do you know where to go to F. Cabahug St?”  I got confused as well, so I said “I’m sorry, I’m not so sure either”.  There was the Waze app, but he didn’t bother to follow the direction there. Instead, he did it his way, so we got a little lost. Good thing he had time to take a U-turn right away, and we were able to get in the right track. He commented “Waze is really correct after all”.

He was able to drop me off at my destination at 2pm, which I got very late and was already hungry. It was not a great first ride with Uber, but it was good. I’m hopeful to get amazing ones in the future though.

The best thing about Uber is that even if there is traffic and the driver will tour you around the city, your fare will not change. Whatever is on the app, that is how much you will pay regardless of the circumstance. It’s also better to use Uber than driving your own car. You will experience new things, and the excitement of what car you will ride is priceless.

So sign up with Uber now. Once you sign up for the first time, please use my invite code below.  🙂


Don’t delay. Get the app now! Experience the fun and excitement using Uber. 🙂


Author: Maye

Hi, I'm Maye from Cebu, Philippines. These are purely my thoughts about life, fashion, insights, etc.

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