Loyalty Points Redeemed

I received a text message from my telco provider, Sun Cellular, about my loyalty points expiring this month. This was my first time receiving an alert about my rewards points for almost 7 years of being a postpaid Sun subscriber.

I thought, hmm could this be true, and what happened to my points years before? Anyhow, I’m grateful that Sun Cellular alerted me about this, so I’m aware I have something to redeem.

When I received the text message, it didn’t interest me at first. I received multiple alerts in the past about claiming rewards, etc, but they seemed to be a scam. I just ignored that text from Sun. After 14 days, all of the sudden, I read all of my messages again out of boredom. I read again that message and realized it was legit. I thought, there’s no harm in trying anyway. I will just follow what the text is saying and visit their website. And whee, it got my interest.

After following what the text said, which I typed POINTS and sent it to 9800, I showed my points, which was 233. Not so high, but not so bad after all. Then I went to the website, and there were options on what to choose from depending on how many points I got.

Here’s what it looks like below on the website. I clicked Food & Beverages menu first, and they were Jollibee treats. Yay, it made me more excited that I forgot to click the other options. This is the result of having kids who really adore Jollibee.

I know Jollibee is very typical, so much affordable, and is seen anywhere around the corner.  We can buy any of their food we want to. In short, it’s not something special. However, the thing that it’s free, it will really make you excited regardless of the price, right? This was what I felt when I was choosing what to redeem.

Without checking other options on the menu, I decided to redeem my points with Jollibee treats. After all of my points got used up, I noticed that there were other options on the menu. Sounds funny, right? When I checked Exclusive Deals, I thought, OMG! I did the wrong decision, but I can’t take it back. I already had confirmation from my telco to get the food from Jollibee. The saying, ang pagsisi ay nasa huli, is really true. Before you pick your choice, check first all of the other options available, so you won’t regret.

Anyway, we enjoyed the food with my kids.  Thanks to Sun Cellular and Jollibee for the experience. This is the best thing being a loyal Sun Cellular subscriber.




Have you also tried redeeming your unknown rewards? If yes, isn’t it amazing! If you haven’t tried it yet, better go check it now.  🙂


Author: Maye

Hi, I'm Maye from Cebu, Philippines. These are purely my thoughts about life, fashion, insights, etc.

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